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Verden Forensics specialise in multimedia and mobile device forensics for the criminal, civil, and private sectors from our office in the heart of Edgbaston, Birmingham.

Our focus is on delivering work of the highest scientific integrity and only rendering opinions which can be supported by analysis and best practice guidelines. As a company we have a passion for the scientific foundations which allow forensics to be possible, demonstrated through the various research we have published, participated in, and presented at forensic conferences around the world. We also have strong ties with several academic institutions, and work closely with a Dutch software company specialising in forensic imagery solutions.

Our experience includes forensic examinations in various types of cases ranging from murder and large-scale international drug trafficking through to internal workplace investigations and private matters, both in the UK and abroad.

We are always happy to discuss any questions you may have, or offer guidance on what we require to achieve results of the highest reliability and integrity. We are highly accessible and responsive, can meet Legal Aid Agency (LAA) rates, and can be reached directly via phone or email.

Areas include:

AUDIO FORENSICS: Enhancement, authentication (tampering/manipulation/edit detection), audio analysis, transcriptions.

PHOTO FORENSICS: Enhancement, authentication (tampering/manipulation/edit detection), facial comparison, clothing comparison, weapon comparison/analysis.

VIDEO/CCTV FORENSICS: Enhancement, authentication (tampering/manipulation/edit detection), facial comparison, clothing comparison, weapon comparison/analysis.

MOBILE PHONE FORENSICS: Extraction and analysis of mobile phone data, including: call logs, text messages, photos, videos, audio recordings, social media activity, Internet search history, email accounts.

Multimedia Forensics: Audio forensics – audio enhancement – audio authentication – audio analysis – transcriptions -video forensics – video enhancement – CCTV forensics – CCTV enhancement – video authentication – edit detection – video analysis – facial mapping – clothing comparison – weapon analysis – photo analysis – mobile phone forensics – mobile phone analysis – tablet forensics – deleted data.

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