Consultant Ophthalmologists, Oculoplastic Surgeons & Reconstructive Surgeons
Official Qualifications:
MB BChir MA PhD(Cantab) FRCOphth FEBO
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25 Harley Street

Areas of Expertise:

FACE RESTORATION provides expert opinion on all aspects of oculoplastic and non-surgical facial aesthetic-related matters including dermal fillers and botulinum toxin.

We can provide fixed-fee screening reports, as well as reports on causation and liability and condition and prognosis. We are happy to be instructed by lawyers worldwide, but will consider instructions by litigants-in-person only if domiciled in England and Wales other than in exceptional circumstances. Please note that overseas clients will be asked for a deposit in account.

We provide reports within 3 weeks of instructions, receipt of all documents and when required an examination.

Our expertise:

FACE RESTORATION was founded in 2019 by two leading Consultant Oculoplastic, Aesthetic and reconstructive surgeons. We have trained with Bond Solon and are able to provide high quality medicolegal services exclusively for cases involving the eyelids, periorbital, peri-ocular area, and facial aesthetics. Previous clients have included major OECD governments seeking expert advice.

Our Mission Statement:

FACE RESTORATION will be your provider of choice by virtue of quality, expertise and timeliness. With solicitors in the family we are conscious of the needs of legal clients in terms of clear writing and timely

We have 2 experts taking instructions. Miss Rachna Murthy & Mr Jonathan Roos, their individual profiles can be found through NEWA.


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Areas includes:

Cosmetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).
Complications of cosmetic eyelid surgery.
Brow lift surgery.
Periocular/orbital trauma including orbital fractures.
Periocular/orbital (eye socket) tumours and lesions.
Eyelid and orbital reconstructive surgery.
Loss of an eye and eye socket reconstructive surgery.
Artificial eye problems.
Ptosis (drooping eyelids).
Entropion and ectropion.
Thyroid eye disease.
Watering eye problems.
Eye and eyelid problems in patients with facial palsy.
Have been providing medical reports for 2 years.
Guarantee that the report will be with the sent within no more than 3 weeks of us having seen the patient or received the documents.

External Professor, University of Milan and Mario Negri Institute, Masters in Pharmaceutical Medicine.
On Specialist Medical Register, Sweden and the UK.

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