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Peter has a unique mix of business, commercial, operational, technical and claims expertise spanning 40 years from an apprentice served aircraft engineer through to various executive and non-executive director roles. He is an experienced aviation expert witness having provided expert evidence at the highest levels from International Arbitration and the London High Court, to The Hauge.

He has been instructed on behalf of both claimant, defendant and also as a single joint expert. In addition to giving written and oral evidence he has provided input to CPR Part 36 offers, Part 18 requests, e-disclosure, litigation risk assessments, attended mediations, expert meetings and prepared joint statements.

He has completed the full (1 year) Cardiff University Law School / Bond Solon expert witness program including written examinations in civil law and procedures plus independent assessment of written evidence and performance under cross-examination.

Peter’s broad understanding of the aviation industry, coupled with his claims experience as an Aviation Loss Adjuster and expert witness, has made him equally in demand as an expert advisor. This is especially so in complex disputes involving multiple heads of claim where he can bring clarity to issues such as the actual and counter factual scenarios, causation, mitigation, the nature and quantum of a claim, what supporting evidence is required and the likely source.

His early involvement in a dispute can prove invaluable in assisting counsel assess the merits of a case, help with the selection of suitable experts and their scope of instruction. His experience is increasingly being sought by Insureds and Loss Payees to assist with the presentation and negotiation of aircraft and engine insurance claims.

Peter has also been a CEDR accredited mediator since 2011 and specialises in aviation disputes within his areas of expertise which allows him to immediately engage with the parties at their level of industry, technical or commercial knowledge. This ability to fully understand the issues in dispute and deal immediately with the detail where necessary, typically allows the parties to quickly get to the heart of the matter and so increase the likelihood of reaching a settlement.

Areas of expertise:

Peter specialises in disputes involving the management, planning, operation and maintenance of aircraft which includes:

Maintenance, repair and overhaul including regulation, practices and contractual arrangements.
Continuing airworthiness management and regulation.
Aircraft operations and ground handling.
Aircraft accidents and incidents.
Aircraft and engine operating leasing.
Aircraft wet-leasing and charter.
Aviation hull insurance.
Aircraft part-out and salvage.
Aircraft financing.
Private equity and aviation investment.
Aircraft asset management.

This includes disputes arising from:

Aircraft damage, delay or grounding, resulting in loss of use, loss of reputation or loss of profits.
Aircraft repair, maintenance (including accidents and maintenance errors), engineering or modification and the various contractual arrangements.
The acquisition, sale and transfer of aircraft including engines and spares.
Aircraft leasing including asset assurance inspections, aircraft delivery, redelivery and repossessions.
Aviation hull insurance and warranty claims.
Airworthiness and aircraft technical records including loss of or reconstruction of records.
Commercial / technical due diligence involving the sale or acquisition of related aviation businesses.
Business plans, implementation and failures or failure to meet performance targets, covenants etc.

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