Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Official Qualifications:
BSc, Dip Ed, Dip Clin Psych
Contact Address:
Roy Shuttleworth
259 Park West
Park West Place
W2 2QN

Areas of Expertise:

Areas include:

Family matters: mental, sexual and child related.
Family assessments: in divorce and separation.
Post traumatic stress: assessment and treatment.
General psychological assessment: diagnosis of psychological difficulties- phobias, ADHD, cognitive, neurological and dementia.
General sexual disorders: child related sexual disorders and pornography addiction.
Domestic violence.
General childhood psychological disorders: e.g. truancy and conduct disorders.
Obsessional disorders related to crime.
Personality disorders: especially antisocial personality disorders.
Criminal commercial behaviour: e.g. fraud.
Substance abuse: such as alcohol and drug abuse.
Conduct disorder.
Cognitive disorders ASD in adults and adolescent (Autism).

Also have two offices: Somerset, covering Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Wiltshire and Central London. Both venues have easy access to transport including rail.

Some selected testimonials:

“The expert witness was expert” (quote from Miscarriages of Justice UK)

“On the first day of the trial prosecution council took the view after reading your report that the prosecution was not in the public interest and the Crown offered no evidence.

“If I had to assess the impact of your report I would say it was enormously helpful. Thank you again. I shudder to think of how Mr C would have faired without your assessment and report.”

“I can say that the report was absolutely vital in his defence. After the report was presented to the served on the Court and prosecution, the case was adjourned pending the outcome of linking murder trial at the Central Criminal Court but once past that case our own case proceeded smoothly”.

For further information, please contact me via email.

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How many times have you attended court: 20
(Past 3 years)
How many expert reports have you written: 100+
(Past 3 years)


Office 4, The Old Blacksmith’s Yard
Newnham Lane, Burwell, CAMBRIDGE CB25 0EA

Monday – Friday:
8am – 8pm

Saturday – Sunday:
Email only