Trevel E


Expert Witness & Training Consultant
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Contact Address:
Trevel E
Chandler House
7 Ferry Road Office Park

Areas of Expertise:

Areas include:

Expert witness report writing.
Expert witness court, hearing appearance.
Positive behaviour support.
Conflict resolution.
Prevention and management of violence and aggression.
Management of actual or potential aggression.
Managing challenging behaviour.
Lone worker procedures.
Breakaway and disengagement techniques.
Positive holding.
Safer restraint holding.
Control and restraint.
Custody cell skills.
Personal protective equipment.
Use of force.
Medical implications – post use of force.
Police personal safety training.
Prison personal safety training.
Ministry of Justice – physical control in care.
Prison service control and restraint.
Policy writing
Training delivery.
Train the trainer delivery.
Incident reporting.
Risk management review.
Police review.

Career background: Since 1994, Trevel has been a training consultant in the prevention and management of abusive, disruptive, aggressive and violent behaviour. He is a board member of the Institute of Conflict Management (ICM) which sets and monitors standards in the prevention and management of work related violence and aggression; in line with the HSE definition of work-related violence.

As an expert witness, Trevel provides advice and support on the use of force and physical intervention including the use of personal protective equipment. He has worked on numerous case incidents within the police and prison services, Security Industry Authority, Home Office, Young Offenders Secure Institutions, Independent Police Complaints Commission, health services and social care.

During his time with Kent Police, he was a member of the Police National Practitioners Group for Personal Safety Training where he gained significant expertise in legislation, policies, risk management and assessment, training design, post incident management and welfare review of work-related aggressive and violent incidents.

Trevel has a lead role in delivering skills workshops for the ICM. As a member of the Security Industry Authority (SIA) expert group, he reviews qualifications for the management of work-related violence and aggression. He also provides guidance to NHS Trusts and Care settings on policies, procedures and working practices. He consults and trains across all work sectors on reducing the need for restraint and restrictive interventions.

Specialisms: Trevel delivers BTEC Awards and accredited Conflict Management, Lone Working, Physical Intervention & Restraint Equipment; teacher-trainer training and staff development course programmes.


Legal: Trevel has worked on high profile restraint related death cases, as well as cases of abuse allegation and compliance failures within care settings.
Restraint related deaths involving police officers.
Restraint related deaths involving prison officers.
Restraint related deaths involving security operatives.
Allegations of abuse/excessive force at Young Offenders Centre.
Compliance failures within Care settings resulting in staff injuries.
Compliance failures in Local authority related to lone working.


He has delivered training, presentations, webinars, talks, advice and guidance to operational and support staff across the UK, Europe, South Africa, Canada, USA and the Caribbean.
Report: He was co-author of the report ‘Occurrence of Injury During Officer Safety Training at Kent Police’ in 2009.
Media: He has appeared as an expert spokesperson across TV and radio on reasonable force and the physiological and psychological effects of fear and stress.

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