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I am an expert witness in the field of computer modelling for compliance, design, and performance evaluation. I am a CUBS accredited expert witness certified for civil disputes. I am recognised within the construction industry for my ability to explain complex modelling issues clearly and simply for the Court. My professional approach to engineering disputes has enabled successful outcomes to high-value, diverse and challenging claims, often settling without resorting to a court hearing.

A recent tribunal award stated:

“… where uncertainty exists as to which experts’ views are to be preferred or where each experts’ views appear equally plausible, the tribunal is inclined to prefer Mrs Simpson’s evidence.”

I believe this was in recognition of my professional approach, technical expertise, the quality of my written reports, the clarity of my presentation, the provision of clear evidence and dealing authoritatively with cross-examination.

I am a Chartered Engineer, and recognised leader in my field with more than 35 years’ construction industry experience applying Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). There is more information about my extensive construction experience on my website.

I have worked as a consultant engineer within my own practice for over 30 years, and during the last 14 years I have combined my building services and computer modelling expertise to assist the legal process where an understanding of computer modelling is fundamental to a claim.

I am aware of the differences between compliance modelling and building performance modelling because I have completed the required training to produce Building Regulation Compliance BRUKL reports, Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), Display Energy Certificates (DECs), Air Conditioning Certificates, and BREEAM assessments. Therefore, I can opine on all aspects of the application of computer modelling.

I take every appointment as an expert seriously and I have completed the CUBS Expert Witness Certificate and complementary courses on determination and mediation to assist my focus on expressing an impartial independent opinion. I undertake meticulous research to thoroughly understand the context of a claim and I can disseminate information to explain complex ideas comprehensively and coherently.

As an expert, I have successfully developed remedial design measures during mediation which I have demonstrated to the opposing expert using computer modelling and on-site mock-ups. I have also successfully undertaken CFD and DSM simulations based on recorded event data to clarify and verify parties’ positions.

I accept construction and engineering related appointments involving:

Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM).
Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modelling.
Energy performance and compliance with approved document L (BRUKL reports).
Mechanical and natural ventilation and compliance with approved document F.
Smoke ventilation and compliance with approved document B.
Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).
Display Energy Certificates (DECs).
Air conditioning inspection reports.
Overheating, thermal comfort and draught analysis.
Air quality.
Energy consumption and carbon emissions.
Natural ventilation.
Gas and pollutant dispersal and detection.
Low/zero carbon buildings.
Hazardous and health containment ventilation.
Façade ventilation and design.

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