Nigel Blagg Associates

Psychologists for Adults, Children & Families
Official Qualifications:
BSc (Hons), MA, PGCE, PhD, BPS Member HCPC
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Nigel Blagg Associates
Grove House
39 Staplegrove Road

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Areas include:

Employment disputes, disciplinary disputes, harassment, unfair dismissal – redundancy, work induced stress, testimony analysis, testamentary capacity, psycho-linguistic analysis of video-taped evidence, interview conduct assessment, children as witnesses, psychosomatic disorders – Munchausen, factitious disorders and Munchausen by Proxy.

Personality disorders, psychoses, violence, self harm, suicide, witness assessment, Clinical Psychology, child psychology; developmental psychology, educational psychology, behavioural difficulties, post traumatic stress disorder, young offenders, behavioural psychology, alcohol abuse, addictions, compulsive gambling, shoplifting, eating disorders, substance-drug abuse and trauma assessment.

Forensic psychology, fitness to plead, sex offenders, testamentary capacity, neuropsychology, psychological testing, psychometry, cognitive behaviour therapy, suggestibility and compliance, child abuse, child physical abuse, child emotional abuse, child sexual abuse, child protection – risk assessment, child adoption, foster care, children in care and care proceedings.

Child custody, residence, access, contact, family functioning, bereavement, child contact disputes, families and mental illness, matrimonial disputes, divorce, separation, mediation, education management, school places, special educational needs, educational assessment, dyslexia, dyspraxia, physical – sensory disability, learning difficulties, bullying and developmental disorders.

Challenging behaviours, speech-language disorders, vocational training, careers advice, personal injury, road traffic accidents, tripping, falling, hazards, public areas hazards, commercial premises hazards, workplace hazards, domestic hazards, human contributory factors, fitness to work, failure to recover – suspicion of malingering, social functioning, psychological reaction to disability.

Sexual risk assessments, domestic violence, non-accidental injury, parenting, anger disorders, autistic spectrum disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome in children and adults, personality and mental health problems, family dynamics, mental capacity, cognitive ability & learning disability, therapeutic needs of parents and timescales and prospects to change, children’s attachments and sibling relationships.

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