Forensic Collision Investigator & Engineer
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Ian Phillips Collision Investigation Consultants Ltd
127 Ashbourne Road
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A former Police Senor Forensic Collision Investigator and Expert Witness with 17 years continuous experience in the field of Collision Reconstruction, Accident investigation and Forensic Engineering.

My mission is to help solicitors by providing a high quality, one stop service for all their Collision Investigation and Forensic Engineering requirements to enable them to identify the relevant factors of a collision through my expertise in forensic scene/vehicle examination and reconstruction.

I was a Police officer for 30 years and the majority of my career was spent in the field of Roads Policing. The last 17 years were in the role of Forensic Collision Investigator becoming the Senior FCI in the 5 years leading to retirement where I oversaw all serious and fatal collisions, staff training and I peer checked all reports.

I was elected by colleagues of the East Midlands region to be the representative on the National panel of Senior Forensic Collision Investigators meeting quarterly with the NPCC lead to steer the future of collision investigation.

I have investigated many hundreds of fatal and serious collisions involving all vehicle types and I obtained all the relevant qualifications required to carry out this role to the highest standard.

Many incidents occurred in an industrial environment when I was required to act on behalf of the Health and Safety Executive. I have also carried out several independent investigations into outside force Police Collisions for the Independent Office for Police Complaints.

After leaving the Police I gained two years valuable experience in the private sector where I was able to utilise my skills into providing investigations and reports concentrating on Large Loss vehicle examinations, Collision Reconstruction and counter fraud, all of which were highly regarded by clients from both insurance and legal sectors.

Since then I have founded my own company using my skills and qualifications to provide best value collision investigation services with concise and accurate reporting to enable companies to assess their level of liability allowing them to move forwards to successfully make a case judgement.

To date all my reports have led to a successful outcome for my clients. I believe that in the field of Collision Investigation there is no margin for error.

Services provided:

Collision reconstruction.
Locus analysis and scene plans.
Forensic Engineering.
Large loss vehicle examination/mechanical inspection.
Seat belt analysis for evidence of use.
CCTV and dashcam analysis including calculating vehicle speed.
Tachograph data analysis.
Black box telematics.
Pedestrian and pedal cycle collisions.

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