Malcolm J


Chartered Thermal Engineer
Official Qualifications:
CEng, MIMechE, MIED, late FIPlantE
Contact Address:
Malcolm J
Dove Thermal Engineering Ltd
PO Box 5
ST14 8QX

Areas of Expertise:

After training as a marine engineer, I pursued a career in heat & mass transfer – designing thermal equipment and hydraulic systems until establishing my own consulting firm.

I was first retained by the DTI for factory surveying, then for its product design and manufacturing support programmes. I have since undertaken forty-six plant design & build projects alongside fifty-three process consultancies, and completed sixteen expert witness instructions.

My CEng registration was predicated by the design and management of major projects for Alcan Aluminium in the ‘80s and ‘90s, and election to the British Design Council in 1991.

I was elected Fellow of the Institution of Plant Engineers in 1986, and Fellow of the Society of Operations Engineers fourteen years later. I am a Chartered Mechanical Engineer (MIMechE), member of the Institution of Engineering Designers (MIED), and of the UK Heat Transfer Society.

My workscope comprises technical investigation & design fault analysis, expert witness services, mathematical modelling, and engagements as a Forensic Thermal Engineer.

I have particular knowledge of heat exchangers and radiators used in pumped hydraulic systems serving the food processing, materials conversion, transport and other key industries. I have delivered many papers and reports upon thermal engineering topics, as listed below.

Air Conditioning:

Aircon parameters: climate control, arena air conditioning, factory ventilation, noise and vibration.
HVACR Hardware: dehumidifiers, ductless air conditioners, acoustic doors, AHU, air handling units.
Environmental engineering: noise control, effluent handling, oil lake recovery, Legionella transmission.

Boilers and Boiler Failure:

Boilers: burners, chimneys, boiler construction, boilerhouses, steam boilers, LPHW boilers.
Boiler failure: modal analysis, stack emissions, boiler tube failures, boiler structural failures.
Erosion Corrosion: erosion and corrosion in boilers, heat exchangers and pipework.

Food Processing:

Beverage production: carbonated drinks, soft drinks packaging.
Processes: Salt making, sugar refining, ice making, process steam explosion.
Operations: tunnel oven conditioning, baking, boiling, frying, cooking oil recovery.

Thermal Plant and Equipment:

Furnaces: regenerative furnaces, furnace failure, high vacuum furnaces.
Heat pumping installations: air source and ground source heating systems.
Coolers: process coolers, laboratory equipment, Peltier appliances, cooling tunnels.
Refrigeration: HGV nosemount fridge, chillers, compressors, refrigerant, cold rooms.
Radiators: heating radiators, air blast radiators, adiabatic coolers, extended surfaces.
Heaters: process heating, superheaters, fired process heaters, recuperators, calorifiers.
Batch processing vessels: autoclaves, jacketed vessels, ice banks, eutectic heat stores.
White goods: fridge-freezer television appearance, electric boilers, electrical appliances.
Heat exchangers: shell & tube, plate-type (PHE), double pipe exchangers and calandria.
Heating systems: HPHW, steam, oil and thermal fluid (HTF) heating; tower block heating.
Biothermal heating: batch-fired biomass boilers, biomass boiler failure, wood-waste heating.

Thermal Processes:

Psychrometry: baking, pipeline drying and humidity control.
Heat transfer: process design and modelling, thermal design, mechanical design.
Mass transfer: cooling towers, packed columns, gas cooling, drying, essential oils.
Thermal operations: thermal oxidation and combustion, steam condensers, flash steam.
Thermodynamics: thermodynamics laboratory, thermodynamic test rig, ships’ funnel fires.
Fluid mechanics: hydraulics, flow induced vibration, vortex-shedding, blown film extrusion.
Biomass processing: digestate sterilization & biogas production, ligneous steam explosion.

Plant and Machinery:

Railway vehicles: locomotive and DMU systems test plant, steam locomotives.
Testing: gas turbine and diesel engine test plant, materials and product testing.
Manufacturing: casting, mineral milling, dyeing, materials conversion, calendering.
Hydraulic systems: aluminium extrusion, hydraulic presses, water treatment plant.
Pumping: pump design, pumped systems, pump failure, cavitation, pump construction.
Pipework: valves, piped system design & installation, thermal insulation, balance of plant.
Product Design: design fault investigation, design for manufacture, failure mode analysis.

Other areas include:
Heat pumps.
Ground Source Heat Pump.
Ground Source Heat Pumps.
Ground Source Heat Pumping.
Air Source Heat Pump.
Air Source Heat Pumps.
Air Source Heat Pumping.

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