Managing Director
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Frenkel Topping Ltd
Frenkel House
15 Carolina Way
Greater Manchester
M50 2ZY

Areas of Expertise:

As the Chief Operating Officer for Frenkel Topping Group, I maintain an overarching view of the Group functions and the interaction of the various different pillars of the business. At the same time however I am still the Managing Director of Frenkel Topping Limited which means I am responsible for managing our talented team of consultants, including our regional teams. It is my remit to ensure
service standards are adhered to, business development tasks are completed but most importantly (from a commercial point of view) that the opportunities are transformed into income for the business.

I maintain a real passion for the analysis of Periodical Payment Orders (PPOs). As part of my day to day responsibility, I am instrumental in ‘leading by example’ with regards to the production of expert witness reports pre settlement yet I also enjoy dealing with the clients once their claims have settled. I have also been personally consulted by governmental departments over the last few years on the appropriate way to set the discount rate and have written many papers and responses to various consultations and lecture regularly on the same.

Following successful settlement however, helping to create clients’ objectives and construct their portfolios is incredibly rewarding. I continue to maintain strong relationships with key people within the legal profession who have been instrumental in the success of Frenkel Topping and have lent us serious and much appreciated support over the years.

I am exceptionally passionate about our ground breaking heritage and forward thinking abilities in assisting in some of the country’s most complex and catastrophic claims. I can honestly say that I work with some of the most dedicated and skilled people in this industry and the team approach and working atmosphere is engaging to say the least.

Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than being treated as an integral part of the legal process and teams, whether that be for the claimant or for the defendant. I’m also incredibly proud of the fact the industry recognises FT and myself in particular as trusted specialist advisers.

Areas of expertise include:

Loss of earnings calculations.
Pension loss calculations.
Loss of dependency calculations.
Personal injury trust advice.
Investment advice.
Professional negligence.
Periodical payment orders.
Structured settlements.
Periodical payments.
Court order specialist.
Discount rate specialist.
Annual survey of hours and earnings (ASHE) uplift calculation.
Accommodation funding expert reports.

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How many times have you attended court: 5
(Past 3 years)
How many expert reports have you written: 330+
(Past 3 years)