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Consultant Urological Surgeon
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Ronald A
Urology Chambers Ltd
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Areas of Expertise:

Mr Miller has an extensive medico-legal practice spanning thirty years at consultant level. He is a BAUS approved expert witness fully validated on the UK Register of Expert Witnesses. He is also a member of the Federation of Forensic Expert Witnesses, APIL and The Academy of Expert Witnesses.

He accepts over 100 new cases a year, divided into 20% defendant, 70% claimant and 10% single joint expert. These cases are either negligence or major injury cases. He attends court in England and Ireland regularly. Most reports can be completed within 10-16 weeks of receipt of the full notes bundle in hard copy.

Area of Expertise:

Mr Miller can report on a wide range of general urology. He has special interest in the areas detailed below on which he routinely reports:

Gynaecological Injury Urinary Tract: (Kidney, Bladder, Ureter, Urethra Injuries)

As lead urological clinician for a busy obs and gynae unit Mr Miller has extensive experience of the correction and management of major surgical complications following gynaecological surgery (perforated bladder, fistulae, ureteric damage, bladder dist

Scrotogenital Surgery

Mr Miller received the prize of the German Urology Association for his work on urological day surgery. As such he is familiar with all aspects of scroto-genital surgery including circumcision, vasectomy, testicular torsion, hydrocoele and epididymal cysts. He has experience of the catastrophic complications of Fournier’s Gangrene.

Cauda Equina – Management of Neuro-Urology

For twenty-five years Mr Miller was responsible for the urological management of the complications associated with the spinal unit and neurological department at the Whittington NHS Trust. He has wide experience in the diagnosis, treatment and evaluation of cauda equina syndromes. He has lectured to lawyers on the subject.

Renal Stones

Mr Miller has been a supra-regional urological specialist for both open and endoscopic renal (kidney) surgery for many years, with a particular interest in stone disease. He has an international reputation in this area.

Prostate Conditions Benign

Mr Miller has performed several thousand trans urethral resections (TURP) for benign prostate disease and is completely conversant with the operation and its possible complications.

Pelvic Fractures

Mr Miller regularly reports on the urological consequences of pelvic fracture which include trauma to the bladder, urethra and genitalia as well as sexual dysfunction and erectile failure.

Cancer Kidney and Bladder

Mr Miller is a member of the British Association of Urological Surgeons, Uro-oncology Section. He has held the post of Chairman of the North London Cancer Network Urology committee, responsible for the governance and outcome of all tumour surgery in the region. He has vast experience of both renal and bladder cancer surgery having worked in the Regional Cancer Centre.

Mr Miller has experience of reporting on industrial related cancer particularly related to the rubber industry.

Mr Miller is happy to consider the merits of a case based upon a short summary letter and provide full costings in advance of work being undertaken.

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How many times have you attended court: 12
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