Eminent Orthopaedic Specialist
Official Qualifications:
MSc Ortho (Lon), FRCS
Contact Address:
10 Harley Street

Areas of Expertise:

Mr Venkat is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in all aspects of orthopaedic surgery. His particular areas of interest include hip and knee surgery. His primary orthopaedic practice is aimed at hip and knee joint replacements. Mr Venkat is an eminent orthopaedic surgeon with expertise in the following key areas:

Hip and knee joint replacements keyhole (arthroscopic).
Knee surgery.
Sports injuries.
Hand and shoulder surgery.
Foot and ankle surgery.

Mr Venkat is proficient in preparing reports for all orthopaedic injuries and has extensive experience in giving evidence in all aspects of orthopaedic injuries. Mr Venkat has over 20 years experience of preparing medical reports ranging from whiplash and road traffic injuries, serious orthopaedic injuries, catastrophic injuries, repetitive strain injuries and injuries at work and, a variety of negligence cases.

Mr Venkat has attended regular training sessions, workshops and both orthopaedic and medico legal courses that have assisted in developing his knowledge of legal aspects of report writing and developing a medico-legal mind. He also undergoes annual appraisals at the hospital where he works as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Mr Venkat in non medico-legal practice has been working as Orthopaedic Consultant at NHS London Treatment Centre. His elective orthopaedic practice includes performing primary hip and knee replacements. He also has a weekly theatre list and has experience in foot and ankle and upper limb surgery.

Mr Venkat has extensive experience in working within a large team of health professionals, regularly participating in audit and research activities. He is interested to expand his medico-legal practice in complex injuries, defendant reports and clinical negligence work.

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How many times have you attended court: 5
(Past 3 years)
How many expert reports have you written: 1 500+
(Past 3 years)

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