Timothy C


Chartered Chemist
Official Qualifications:
C Sci, C Chem, FRSC
Contact Address:
Timothy C
Marquis and Lord
PO Box 235
PL19 1EU

Areas of Expertise:

A specialist in risks arising from changes in water quality associated with the ownership or occupancy of premises.

Key areas of work:

Disinfection management.
Corrosion investigation.
Biofilm control.
Materials impact on stored water (including bottled water).
Microbiological control of water quality including Legionella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Specialist water treatment provision (example revers osmosis plant requirements for dialysis support).

Waste water issues such as discharge compliance and impacts on water courses.
Chemical fate and behaviour relative to water quality issues (example accidental poisoning and environmental impacts).
Personal injury investigation relative to chemical exposure relating to liquid waste and drinking water quality.

Contaminated land impacts on water resources.
Private water supply management and compliance assessment.
Closed system water quality management, for example heating and chiller plant.

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How many expert reports have you written: 35
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