Trader and Energy Markets Consultant
Official Qualifications:
BSc (Hons), AGRIC (Econ)
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Consilience Energy Advisory Group Ltd
311 East Block County Hall
Forum Magnum Square

Areas of Expertise:

Liz Bossley has more than 45 years’ of experience in international energy markets, spanning trading, risk management, marketing and extensive involvement of contract negotiations.

Liz is the CEO of the Consilience Energy Advisory Group Ltd, which she established in 1999. Consilience includes in its client list major and independent oil companies, utilities, shipping and pipeline transportation entities, regulatory authorities, taxation authorities, trade associations and futures exchanges.

Liz has acted as expert witness in a wide range of more than 50 trading disputes internationally in the field of oil, gas and emissions trading. This has involved appearances in both high courts and before arbitration panels.

She is a certified member of the Expert Witness Institute. She is the principal author of “The Hole in the Barrel”, “Trading Natural Gas in the UK”, “Bossley’s Guide to Energy Conversions”, “BFO: The Future Market”, “Project Finance Using the Forward Oil Curve”, “Climate Change and Emissions Trading: What Every Business Needs to Know”, “Trading Crude Oil”, “Trading Refined Oil Products” and “Saving the Brent Benchmark.”

She was the joint author of a report to the G20 in October 2011 on oil price reporting agencies, on behalf of OPEC, the IEA, the IEF and IOSCO. Her latest product is RAAH a Revenue
Analysis Apportionment and Hedging a software application. The purpose RAAH is to help crude oil producers and oil asset buyers and sellers to evaluate the revenue stream from their producing and developing oil field projects based on varying production forecasts, different price assumptions and in a wide range of royalty, cost recovery, profit sharing and tax regimes. It calculates the appropriate amount of hedging needed to protect the net revenue
stream from which debt will be serviced and/or repaid.

Areas of Expertise:

Trading, transport, Quantity/Quality assessments, sales contracts, joint ventures Refining, value adjustment mechanisms and price benchmarking and indexation.

Logistics, contracts, supply, risk assessment. Hedging and risk management. Project finance
Pipelines, freight. Value adjustment mechanisms. Commodity markets. Commodity market regulation. Derivatives – swaps and options. Energy Markets: Crude oil and refined oil products.

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International (exception of war zones)
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